Presenting you a perfect combination and execution of the most creative applications that is exclusively designed for luxury and comfort with the robotization needs. The organization started its activity in 2019. With its top-notch arrangements and administration obligation to offer the best types of assistance to its clients, it has laid down a good foundation for itself as the business driving supplier of Access control, CCTV Surveillance, Home Automation and Alarm Systems. We have thrived to bring innovation and state of art to your doorsteps, making your lives easier. We endeavour to keep with the times and guarantee that our designers are continually prepared for innovations and their legitimate execution so our clients can get the most exceptional advances the world brings to the table.


Taking Your Home to Next Level

Home automation is the present & future of the way home appliances & devices work. From a voice command to Alexa or Google, and even your smartphone.


A team of developers and experts that aim to simplify your living with our diverse range of superlative products of home automation. We have started this team after thorough research in the market to make your lifestyle easy. With the intervention of technology, we have designed our products that will surely give true meaning to your home and provide luxurious life. iPlug Control Home Automation Systems has a group of experienced specialists who configure, install, and keep an assorted scope of safety arrangements intended for your necessities. Be it automation for your office or your home, we are here to fulfil your needs with a range of system solutions and bring comfort.

Benefits of Home Automation

A home automation system lets you live secure and carefree from any nook and corner of the world. This is possible with the help of technology and our experts.It is essentially the Internet of Things (IoT). Home automation is no longer the stuff of science fiction. When done right, it can benefit you and your family in ways you never thought possible.

Safety First

If you have home safety concerns, home automation can help put you at ease. From alarm systems to monitoring software, you can protect your home with top-of-the-line technology. For example, video surveillance paired with home automation means you can check who’s at the door, even when you’re not home, and if you want to, you can let them in using your smart locks.


If ever you forget to turn off any of your applications back at home, no worries at all! Home Automation is here as the saviour. You can switch them off remotely with the wide range of products provided by home automation.

Save Big

Saving energy, electricity and resources in your absence has now become possible. Using smart technology, you can control these elements from around the globe.

Better Vacations

Not only do the security features give you peace of mind while you’re away when you automate your home, but your vacations also improve. Why? You can program your house to look like people are home and deter crime, and you can automate your thermostat to conserve energy. That way you return to a cool, crime-free home at the end of a relaxing getaway.

Stay Sitting

Have you ever gotten cozy in bed just to remember that you forgot to turn the lights off downstairs? Home automation keeps you cozy by letting you control things like lighting from your phone. Don’t untuck to turn off a light—simply do it from your phone and stay comfy and cozy.

Elderly Ease

As you age, simple tasks can become difficult. With features like voice command, home automation gives freedom and independence to the elderly. Use voice command for everything from recording a grocery list to controlling electronics around the home like the TV.

Accessibility for All

Home automation functions also give disabled individuals more freedom and control around the house. Smart devices can eliminate difficult tasks and a home automation system can help create a more accessible environment around the home. For those with limited mobility, automated systems like lawn care and smart locks can make all the difference.

Evolving Technology

One of the biggest benefits of home automation is access to progressing technology. Your home automation software has the power to update with new, powerful technology, which means you and your home can always be at the forefront of convenience, comfort, and safety.


Have you ever felt like not getting out of your bed ruining your cosiness? Don’t untuck to turn off a light—simply do it from your phone and stay comfy and cosy. Furthermore, the tasks that become difficult for elderly persons can be resolved at their fingertips. Use voice commands for everything from recording a grocery list to controlling electronics around the home like the TV. In addition, home automation can be a game-changer for families with little children. Baby proofing the house only goes so far once little fingers can do things like open doors. When you automate your home, you can install automated locks that keep the little ones in and safe.

Early Warning

With a home automation system, your home can be better protected by flood, carbon monoxide, and fire sensors. These sensors alert you to a problem the minute it takes place, giving you time to get to safety and call-in backup — which can save you thousands in potential damages.

Smart homes and home automation is not the way of the future; it’s the way of today. The benefits of home automation are innumerable and when you use iPlug for all of your home automation needs, you are getting access to the very best technology available. If you’re a homeowner, call iPlug and automate your home today. We will completely tailor your home automation system to you and your needs, and after it’s installed, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Our Work Process

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    We provide you with the best suitable packages according to your requirements and your home needs.

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    Wireless Configuration

    Our entire system is completely wireless, so no added cost of internal wiring.

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    Personalized Setup

    We provide you with the best of services you think of and what automation can offer.

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    Quality Check

    We perform end to end testing of the installed product and system before handover

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    Online Support

    You think of us, and we will be there for your help online via chat or email.

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